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Optional Services & Rentals

These services are available upon request, though not included in the wedding package price. We’ve designed these add-ons as “A La Carte” items to allow you to select just what you need. Some of our Clients choose to handle these services themselves – or the wedding venue may provide some of them.

Beverage Services & Furnishings

  • Beverage Related Services – No Corkage Fee
  • Clients are welcome to provide their own beverages. Clients not hiring a Bartender thru Five Star are responsible for set-up & clean-up of beverage station; separating & chilling beverages; replenishing tubs throughout event; providing bar equipment such as wine/beer bottle openers, cocktail napkins, icing tubs and plastic cups.
  • A bartender is strongly recommended for any group over 50 guests. Two bartenders are recommended for beer and wine bars over 150 guests and/or hard alcohol bars over 100 guests.
  • Bartending Service ~ Includes Bartender, Serving Equipment, Tubs, Cups, Napkins & Gratuity ~ $350
  • Ice ~ Available in 40 lb. bags; typical wedding requires 12 bags ~ $17/bag
  • Glassware ~ Wine or Non-Alcoholic Beverage Glassware (water glass included with package)~ $ .50 each
  • Glassware ~ Pilsner, Pint, Martini, Rocks, Specialy Bar Glasses, and/or Glass Irish Coffee Mugs ~ $ .75 each
  • Classic Lemonade or Iced Tea ~ Displayed in Beautiful Glass Beehive Jugs Pre-ceremony as well as throughout reception. ~ $1.50 Per Guest for one selection or $2.50 Per Guest for two.
  • Agua Fresca, Naturally Flavored Lemonade or Iced Tea ~ Your choice of Strawberry or Pineapple Agua Fresca, Raspberry Lemonade (with or without lavendar), or Pomegranate Blueberry or Tropical Mango Infused Iced Tea. Displayed in Glass Beehive Jugs Pre-ceremony as well as throughout reception. ~ $2 Per Guest
    for one selection or $3 Per Guest for two.
  • Softdrink Package ~ To please everyone’s tastes, we provide a combination of Sodas, Diet Sodas, Classic Iced Tea & Spring Water with Cucumber, Lemon & Mint in Glass jugs ~ Includes Tubs, Cups and plenty of drinks for just $2 per guest! You still provide the alcoholic beverages with this option.
  • Gourmet Coffee and Tea Station ~Fresh Brewed Organic, Free Trade, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company Regular and Decaf Blends, with Assorted Herbal and Black Teas for $2.50/guest. Includes all coffee condiments including real 1/2 and 1/2, sugar, sweeteners, stir sticks and Irish Mugs

Furnishings – Rental Items

  • Our rental pricing includes Set-Up and tear down of the rented items. Should you choose to arrange for your own rentals, please note that rental companies simply deliver the items in a “drop” fashion, stacked outside. You would then be responsible for checking for any shortages, setting them up prior to our arrival, and breaking them down immediately following the event. Or, allow us to handle it all for you! Delivery & Pick up charges are passed along at cost.
  •  Tables ~ Buffet, Seating, Cake Tables & more ~ $10 each ($15 for King’s tables and 72″ Rounds, $65 for Farm Tables)
  • Vinyl Umbrellas for Tables ~ $25 each
  • Canvas Umbrellas for center of Tables ~ $40 each
  • Free Standing Market Umbrellas ~ $45 each
  • Padded Chairs White, Dark or Natural Padded~ $3 each
    (White Plastic $2 each)
  • Heat Lamps ~ For Outdoor Use ~ $95 each – traditional mushroom style, $105 Tower Heaters
  • Tents, Dance Floors, Lighting & More! Call for Quotes

Additional Services – Frequently Requested

  • Hauling of Trash & Recycling ~ $75
  • On Site Grilling Package ~ Includes Grill Cook, BBQ Equipment & Supplies ~ $150
  • Call us for full Decor & Design Services!